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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Webke VS Nat



  • Two arms versus one!

    My Romanian ex-girlfriend used to have a scam like that.

    She was quite strong and could beat most girls at playful arm wrestling.

    She discovered when one girl tried to cheat that she could also beat most of them two arms to one provided that she pulled sideways towards the table top as in conventional arm wrestling, because the second arm of her opponent cannot pull anywhere near as strongly sideways as the first. She reckoned if she was only about 20% stronger than her opponent she could win two-hands-to-one.

    Usually when a bit drunk she used to check out other guys' girlfriends of about her size who looked unathletic. She would then bet their usually also slightly drunk boyfriends a pint that she was twice as strong as their girlfriends.

    Almost without fail the boys would pressure their unfortunate girlfriends to arm wrestle her. The girls were usually reluctant but fairly confident that they could win two-hands-to-one, but they hardly ever did. Gabi stayed in beers for months!


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